Extras and Fees

Dry Loop

A dry loop allows you to recive a DSL signal without having a traditional phone line.
If you do not have a landline at your location, you must order a dry loop with an internet plan.

Bundle Contact Internet with Contact VOIP and we'll waive the monthly fee!




per month


Fee added to any Internet installation. A Technician must visit your home to set up your internet line.

One Time Fee of $100 Or Pay Monthly $10

per month for 12 months

Internet Modems

Our Modems come preconfigured for your account. Just plug them in and start using your services.

You may use your own modem or ATA. Contact will provide configuration info to you for setting up your device.

Check our FAQ for more information on which modems will work with our services.

Smart RG 505n Modem $125

VOIP Hardware

Also called an ATA. VOIP hardware allows you to use a normal telephone over an internet connection.

You may use your own ATA, Contact will provide configuration details.

Cisco SA112 ATA $50