We've done our best to cut the fat. We can keep costs low because all we sell is internet. No television, sports team, bundle nonsense. Just super fast, super cheap internet.
A DryLoop allows you to receive a DSL signal to your home without a traditional phone-line. A DryLoop is required if you don't have home phone service or a landline.
No, unlike broadband cable connections DSL is a dedicated service, meaning less traffic and less usage interruptions during peak hours.
We do our best to make our tool as accurate as possible, but sometimes we just can't find it, or at least not with enough certainty. This is unfortunately a technical limitation and is especially common for people in apartment buildings and new housing divisions. Feel free to place an order with us anyway or give us a call and we can manually check for you.
Your password is connected to your modem PPPOE information, so unfortunately you can't request another one. However, you can email with your transaction number, full address, and user name and request that we send you your password.
Log in to your Account Profile in the Members Portal. Once there, you can add or edit your information.
POP Host:
IMAP Host:

User Password: Used at sign up, case sensitive
User Name: (not just user)
A modem is a hub between your phone line and your computer. Without a modem you will not be able to receive an internet connection.
We highly recommend that you use one of our optimized modems for your connections, however only our 25 Mps and higher packages you must have a VDSL modem, you can use most other ADSL2 modems for our LITE and PLUS packages.
An ATA is a piece of hardware for connecting to a VOIP line. With this you can plug in any plain old telephone and use it just as if it was on a landline. Except way better long distance rates.
Please allow us a minimum of 5 business days to send a technician to your home to install your internet. It can take up to 3 days to process your order, and depending on our technicians' schedules, up to 2 more days to make it out to your home.
Currently we only accept major credit cards and Visa Debit cards as payment. We do this to keep billing and invoicing as simple and straightforward as possible.

We cannot accept TD Visa Debit cards at this time.

If you do not have a personal credit card you can use a good alternative is a Canada Post Prepaid Visa. You can learn more about them here:
Currently our services and prices are all based on Ontario availability. We are in the process of adding availability and pricing for Quebec, but are not accepting orders outside of Ontario at this time.

Yes, an additional charge of $1/GB will be added to your bill. Alternatively, you can call us to upgrade your plan to the next available data allowance and you will not be charged for the overage (this is a one time offer for all customers on our 1GB or 100GB plans).
If you wish to up your usage allowance to the next available plan, please contact us. If you are just looking for a few extra gigs here and there, we do not offer extra bandwidth at a discounted rate, so you can just go over your limit if you wish and pay an extra $1/GB.
You will see your additional usage charges on your next bill. If you are near the end of your billing cycle you may not see any charges until the following bill.
Unfortunately we do not offer rollover bandwidth. So use up as much as you can!
Once our technician has installed your modem, you will be prompted to enter your username and password, this information can be found in the package that came with your modem or in our order confirmation email. Click on Finish. You are all set!
your Email software needs to know how to connect to our mail servers in order to receive and send emails from that account. Depending on your settings either | port 110

OR | port 25

will work. Neither uses SSL.
It can be a number of problems, but before you lose your hair and start punching walls, try this:

Make sure your modem is connected directly to your phone line (no splitters).

Unplug your modem, wait for 15 seconds.

Unplug your router (if you have one) in the mean time.

After 15 seconds, plug everything back in and restart your browser.

9 times out of 10 this will fix your issue.
If you plan on changing the default configurations on your SmartRG modem, you will require root access to your device. Navigate to in your browser.

User: admin
Password: config

Please note that we do not recommend making changes to your configuration, we cannot guarantee that your modem will function properly and it will void all warranties/support that we provide in the off chance that something goes wrong with your new configuration.
We have tried to keep our ordering process as quick and simple as possible, but every order is different, if you have special requirements, or have some special questions that are not answered in this FAQ you do have a few options. Check our support page for ways to get in touch with us.